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Farmer Don Patch Snapback

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Farmer Don Logo Snapback

  • Adjustable Snapack
  • "pen" holder side detail with velcro
  • embroidered satin patch on front
  • embroidered "mendo" on back

Learn more about Farmer Don here 

Farmer Don is well versed in cultivation and producing high quality products with over a decade cultivating in Mendocino County. 

Farmer Don is cannabis/Hemp, urban/Emerald Triangle culture all wrapped in one. Farmer Don Mendo Brand has released innovative spin on the preroll, The Rose Petal Cone. Only the finest flower and live rosin infused. 

Farmer Don Brands Added Rosie* a collection of wine blends selected by Farmer Don, in Fall 2022.

Farmer Don values  Selfless-Service, Respect, Loyalty, and Integrity. 

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